Discover Algeria

Algeria, a country with a nature in harmony, sumptuous landscapes of sea and greenery, a big sahara, a generous gastronomy,  ancestral traditions and people  overflowing with youth and dynamism.

Algiers the white lady, the political and economic heart of the country, the majestic capital that overlooks the Mediterranean with its mixture of Ottoman Muslim architecture, Algerian-Berber and French colonial, Algiers or El-Djezair in Arabic, in reference to four islets that outcroped the bay, is also a simple and modest city with popular districts, dense and narrow streets and alleys that form  labyrinths.


Take the wheel and go to the boulevard Amara Mohamed Rachid  , to visit “Bastion 23” or “Palais des Rais”, composed of three palaces as well as six fishermen's houses dating from the Ottoman era, it has easy access and is near a parking lot .You will see an incredible architecture and enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea.


The "Casbah" is a must of your circuit. Located in the center of the city of Algiers, it is the heart and the witness of the different eras that went through “El Mahroussa”. It is an old town with steep streets cut by stairs. This place of memory has been placed World Heritage of Humanity by Unesco in 1992.


At the entrance of the lower Casbah, you will find the “Mosque Ketchaoua” built in the 15th century. It is, with “Jamaa El Kabir” as well as “Jamaa El Jdid”, a true symbol of the Algerian religious heritage. You will be dazzled by the splendor of these three mosques erected between the 11th and the 17th centuries and which are designed to Byzantine, Ottoman and Moorish architectural standards.


Continue with the “Basilique notre dame d’Afrique”, located on the heights of the district of Bologhine ex Saint Eugène. This jewel overlooks one of the most populous areas of the city, “Bab El Oued” and offers a stunning view of the west of Algiers. Take a short trip to the "National Museum of Fine Arts" and the "Bardo Museum" to immerse yourself in the art of the works on display.


No tour of Algiers is done without going by the famous “Makam El Chahid”, located in the municipality of El Mouradia, 2.6 kilometers from the presidency, and it's museum of Moudjahidine full of history and knowledge. Then go to the neo-Moorish Villas which overlook the "Balcony of Saint-Raphael", a belvedere offering one of the most beautiful views of the bay of Algiers. Its gardens of olive trees, bougainvilleas and other fragrant plants make this place a paradise on earth.


For a Change of scenery, head east to the Great mosque of Algiers where you can stretch your legs, take a bike ride or even picnic by going to the “sablettes”, a heavenly place not far from the large botanical garden of "El Hamma", a beautiful walk that extends for 4.5 kilometers. By going to the west of the Great mosque of Algiers, you will find the port of Sidi Fredj, one of the most attractive ports of the southern shore of the Mediterranean, very rich in memories and history, to finish off your getaway.