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Car hire in Algeria with Jumbo Car

With a fleet of over 50 vehicles, Jumbo Car makes renting a carin Algeria simple and hassle-free. In a few seconds, compare prices and choosethe car that will suit all your needs during your trip to Algeria. Jumbo Carhas the perfect car for getting around in Algeria : from air conditioning,integrated navigation system, manual to automatic cars, you will find all theconfort you need to enjoy your holiday or trip and you will find the right carfor your needs.

2 Jumbo Car car rental branches in Algeria

Upon your arrival in Algeria, you can choose to rent your cardirectly from Jumbo Car car rental agency in Algeria at the new AlgiersInternational Airport or in Jumbo Car branche in Zone d’activité de Dar ElBeida, Alger. Jumbo Car makes it easy to explore the wonders of Algeria with aperfect car rental experience.

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Support 7 days a week

Your car rental at the airport or at your hotel

More than 50 vehicles available